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I also write songs, lyrics, prose and poetry. Here’s a sample. And below that, are what people have written about my songwriting.


Look at you in the Sun from outer space. Shyr Energy is my Essence. I was born in love with the Universe. 

Shyr Energy is Evolving and creating treasures & Grace through Space. Like all of Spirit and Earth's creatures. 


Out of the sky was Open. And a freewill chandelier. I am forever-singing-gum, effulgently broadcasting. Between inner & outer spaces. Across Galaxies going across centuries crossing over spellbinding frontiers.


Dear Earthlings


It brings me great pleasure to have my high beams on. The ballast of the plenitudinous chalice. The dance of the expanse. 

Being Skyfuls of yOu-iversality. 


I try not to pamper Earth too much but I'm helpless exuding every light frequency I can.

I see myself reflected in all your eyes. Plural streaming of eyes deepening.


I call forth and am in love with all of you. From your latitude and longitude, our mysterious benefactor awaits for eons patiently 

Eons Have Been Waited On.


Cosmically always

The Sun

A super endearing video from the expressive ensemble, Jackie Highway hit the nail on the head with this latest contribution." - SPILL Magazine Exclusive

"Angie Shyr approaches music using methods rarely seen before." - IMPOSE Magazine

"The latest project of music multi-tasker Angie Shyr is delivering all the eclectic indie jams you could wish for, fused with kick ass girl power that you’ll never get enough of." - IDOBI exclusive

"Angie Shyr’s project Jackie Highway shows she has a knack for writing infectious indie synth gems." - ELECTRONIC NORTH UK

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